Artwork by Robert Giordano

Artistic portraiture is more than taking a nice photo of someone. A good portrait reveals mood and personality. A portrait can be serious or whimsical, mysterious or glamorous. Unlike commercial portraits and headshots, which attempt to meet uniform standards for various industries, portraits are more like paintings. Each one is a unique work of art.

As a commercial photographer, Robert Giordano understands the need for consistency in the marketplace. As an artist, he abandons the restraints of typical commercial studios and approaches each portrait like an old world painter.

Please contact Robert if you are interested in a portrait session. There are no standard rates for artistic portraits. Sessions can take place in Robert's private studio, your home, or anywhere outdoors.

If you need a commercial headshot or comp card, please visit Design215.com.

thumbnail of gallery215.com/people/portraiture/milk_grrr
"Milk" by Robert Giordano
thumbnail of gallery215.com/people/portraiture/psyberpixie_2247
Psyberpixie by Robert Giordano
thumbnail of gallery215.com/people/portraiture/sarah_guitar
Sarah by Robert Giordano
thumbnail of gallery215.com/people/portraiture/sheyenne_6208
Sheyenne by Robert Giordano
thumbnail of gallery215.com/people/portraiture/carole_waking
"Carole Waking" by Robert Giordano
thumbnail of gallery215.com/people/portraiture/ligeia
"Ligeia" by Robert Giordano
thumbnail of gallery215.com/people/portraiture/cheryl
Cheryl by Robert Giordano
thumbnail of gallery215.com/people/portraiture/ice_queen
"Ice Queen" by Robert Giordano