Artwork by Robert Giordano

A strip of film or a digital sensor in a camera records the light that falls on it while the shutter is open. A photographer can aim the camera at something beautiful, click a button, and make a photograph.

As an artist, Robert Giordano photographs many things but he also likes to experiment with the light that enters the camera. The photos in this section are Robert's experiments with light. These are pictures of things you can't see until you take the picture.

Everything you are about to see was done in the camera, not in Photoshop. Robert uses both film and digital cameras, long exposures, electronic timers, flashlights, strobes, candles, playground equipment, and other tools.

thumbnail of gallery215.com/things/experimental/charcoal_trails
"Charcoal Trails" by Robert Giordano
thumbnail of gallery215.com/things/experimental/ball_lightning
Ball Lightning at Commercial Pier by Robert Giordano
thumbnail of gallery215.com/things/experimental/eight_candles
"Eight Candles" by Robert Giordano
thumbnail of gallery215.com/things/experimental/spanish_river
"Spanish River" by Robert Giordano
thumbnail of gallery215.com/things/experimental/downtown_christmas
Downtown Christmas by Robert Giordano